• An Integrated Unit of Inquiry based work suitable for year 2/3- Victoria, Australia
  • These links are great for IWB topic introduction or group learning
  • These links provide a starting point for finding and organising information about the sub-topics
  • Children need help reading and locating information at this age

E5 Inquiry Learning Plan:


• Develops shared norms
• Determines readiness for learning
• Establishes learning goals
• Develops metacognitive capacity learning goals.external image clip_image003.gif

Aust.jpgOn a large map of Australia, students have to put the names of the states and capital cities where they think they belong.
Wikimedia Atlas of Australia
· Landmarks in Australia (Location)

Maths –
· area of the states/Australia
· Distance between cities

• Prompts inquiry
• Structures inquiry
• Maintains session momentum accordingly.

· Australian Moneycurrency.jpg

Austrailia.gif· Australian Flag
Flags of Australia
· Aboriginal Flagindigflag.jpg
Australian Aboriginal Flag
· National Anthem
· Learning Australian songs

Democracy thumbnail– link to SRC (year 3 only)
· Australian Government-
· Prime Minister,
· Premiers


· Famous Australians
National Days-

ozday.jpgAustralia Day

poppy.jpg· Anzac Day

· clean.jpgClean Up Australia Day

Presents new content
• Develops language and literacy
• Strengthens connections skills.

Australian Animals
· Australian Animal worksheets (Burrabooks)
  • Emblems of each state:

• Facilitates substantive conversation
• Cultivates higher order thinking
• Monitors progress accordingly.

· States of Australia
· Capital Cities

· Floral emblems for each state/Victoria
Bird emblems for each state
Helmeted Honeyeater

· Literature –


Australian Language (slang)
· · Make a list of Australian words

Australia Day at School
· cooking, art/craft, music, make an Australian postcard, flip book of animals, G’day Mate


• Assess performance against standards
• Facilitates student self assessmentexternal image clip_image013.gif

Evaluation – What do you know about Australia (Information Report)